It was 1996 and a cold November morning in the Great White North, the 26th had passed and the 27th was upon the townsfolk. A light dusting of snow drifted down from the grey skies above Orangeville, Ontario as a child was born.
Bryce is a multimedia designer and student.


  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Experience in Adobe After Effects and Lightroom
  • 3D Modeling and Graphics in Blender
  • Digital Photography
  • Experience with metal and woodworking/drawing and painting


  • Photography – Mostly nature photography using a Canon Rebel T6
  • Photo and Video Editing – Personal projects using Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop
  • Creative Writing – Poetry and short stories as another medium for self-expression
  • Logo Design – Other personal and professional projects both for practice and enjoyment
  • Knifemaking – Metalwork and woodwork for edged tools and handles
  • Podcasting and Broadcasting – YouTube content and audio podcasts on a variety of topics

For business inquiries please contact: