Babord Knife Co.

This was designed during my internship with 19IDEAS. I was tasked with creating a logo for this fictional company.

After 15 illustrious years in the restaurant industry, Michelin-star chef Martin Babord is ready to step away from the hectic life of managing his kitchen staff and creating NYT-lauded menus. He will be re-focusing his career, cultivating his side-hobby of generational blacksmithing knives into a full-time job. He wants to start from square one to establish his new business into a company: a logo for Babord Knives.


A logo for Babord Knives in .eps, .png, and .jpg formats.
The final, approved logo set should have horizontal and icon lockups.


Fans of Martin Babord’s previous work as a chef, former industry peers, and knife enthusiasts.

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